Li Keqiang on the Govt Rescue of A-Shares and Renminbi

Li Keqiang made comments on the economy on Tuesday.

China Daily: Market-stabilizing policies right call, says Premier Li
Those market-stabilizing measures, consisting with international practice, defused some "bombs" over a period of time and warded off systematic financial risk, said Premier Li at an executive meeting of the State Council, according to Xinhua.

However, authorities in charge should also draw lessons from the experience, address internal management issues and implement initiatives and take both timely and effective approach, added the Premier.

The recent sharp decline in the international equity market has brought new challenges and uncertainties to China's economy, but it is also a test of tenacity, he said. "China's economy has proved stronger and stronger in the time of challenges."

iFeng: 李克强总理讲话释放重磅信号 今天走势才是关键

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