Li Keqiang Slams Drug Approval Process

Li Keqiang slammed the practice of approving "new drugs," which is simply a way for drug companies to raise prices on the public. In a speech he also said drugs are for the "benefit of the people" before making a comment about the "steady growth" of the industry.

State Council executive meeting focused on the pharmaceutical industry for the current steady growth of the leading role, is the most natural thing. However, a detail worth noting is that the Prime Minister Li Keqiang in his speech, deliberately swapped conventional sort, said development of the pharmaceutical industry is the first "benefit people's livelihood", followed by the "steady growth."

Chinese medicine is the basic needs of the people, it belongs to the basic livelihood of the people. Industry can certainly stimulate economic growth, but it must first and foremost in order to meet the health needs of the people, at the same time, it is related to the psychological needs of the entire community stability. Prime Minister expression, not just a simple tandem problem, but the most direct and simple reflects the emotional foundation and the logical order of governance - the so-called "Road, people-oriented."

...Meeting for approval of the reform of the medical field is also requested. The fundamental purpose of decentralization is for the ordinary people. Prime Minister stressed, do not allow under the name of "approval" a myriad of so-called "new drug": just to raise prices!?

iFeng: 李克强又怒了 严斥某些新药审批:还不是为了涨价?!

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