McDonald's Of the Future Hits Wangfujing

Xinhua: McDonald's woos customers with "futuristic" burgers
Since the opening in downtown Beijing's Wangfujing Street, McDonald's "experience of the future" concept restaurant has been filled with curious customers every day.

The most distinctive feature of the restaurant is the personalized burgers, which allow customers to design their own tastes by freely choosing from 24 ingredients. With a smart phone, customers can complete the design and order anywhere in the venue, and then have staffs send food to their table with the help of table locators.

..."It makes me relax after a stressful day," said Miss Wang, who placed her order via the touchscreen. She felt happy even though it took her half an hour to get the burger.

This is also in New York: McDonald's Create-Your-Taste Kiosks Hit New York City in the Gut

Also: Local McDonald’s Tests ‘Create Your Taste’ Custom Burger Experience

Remove the human labor from ordering; increase labor for food prep and service. Upgrade the quality of the product and increase choice.

Cheap fast food will head towards full automation. Labor is stripped out (first cashiers, then cooks) and a uniform product is created with no human labor.

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