Push to Encourage Rural Migration into Cities Begins, Will Central Govt Add Policy Support?

The next move, the central government will introduce policies to encourage farmers to purchase homes?

......Among the many articles on Chinese real estate analysis, we can see that the real estate inventory focused on four-tier cities, these cities how to digest property stocks has become a priority.

As consumer groups, Daily News noted in a recent report, which interviewed a number of experts have said that for the third- and fourth-tier cities such prices are not high and the overall inventory relatively high, and how to use subsidies to encourage household registration system to attract migrant Workers buyers will be the focus.

According to China Business News reported, in January, the person in charge of a local Land and Resources revealed, " 'people linked to' the general direction of the policy have been identified, by the end of 2015, when the leadership of the Ministry of Land and local homeland Leader resources Office were notified.. "

"Human and hook" is a term of land and resources management. The so-called people to hook, specifically refers to hook new urban population size and construction land and supply. In previous research and discussion, the "people linked to" has been described as "new construction land to increase the size and number of settled agricultural work to absorb the hook." This time, the number of new urban population has also been included in the new construction land "preconditions."

Local Land and Resources Department who said, "people to hook" is a big policy, which means to be applied to real estate inventory in the field come from the central government to consider, the town has been hoping to become new citizens to the inventory of real estate the main role.

National Land and Resources Work Conference held on January 7, the Minister of Land Jiang Daming, he says real estate inventory pressure is too large towns to reduce or even stop commercial housing land supply. People of migrant workers process faster, real estate to stock performance prominent towns to implement "people linked to" policy, a corresponding increase in housing land targets.

In addition, February 1, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Housing Luke Hua, the real estate market regulation Secretary Gao Zhiyong led to the Meishan City, Sichuan research, research topic is "to guide and encourage rural residents into the city into the town, the real estate industry to promote the sustained and healthy development, accelerate new urbanization. "
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