Transaction Tax Cut Spurs Bubble Activity in Beijing: ¥1000 For Reservation Number

Scalpers are charging up to ¥3000 for service numbers at the government office where property transfers are recorded, due to long wait times in the wake of the transaction tax cuts.
The specific policies to Beijing, but later than 140 square meters of the only family housing, deed tax increased from 3% to 1.5% of the total housing fund. It does not look great, but the effect was particularly evident.

...According to 我爱我家 data center statistics, in the first week (February 14 to February 20) after the Spring Festival, Beijing new home net signed volume of only 1006 sets. The secondary residential net signed volume is as high as 6048 units, average daily turnover of 864 units, the highest trading volume since 2010.

From the price perspective, the average transaction price 41,490 yuan / square meter, compared with 2015 annual average price rose about 5%.

...The new policy to the owners and customers have brought mental changes, including the owners of more brewing prices. Xiao Gu said in Beijing many owners are selling the house for a house, he wants to buy a house prices, he will increase his selling price, eventually leading to a chain reaction.
This has resulted in some bubbly behavior: paying for a reservation number:
Now that the volume is large, the transfer of more people, so the reservation number is quite difficult. Due to the large number of people go through, on behalf of the reservation business is also booming. Taobao, enter the word Beijing transfer agent may be seized several shops in this business. In some shops turnover ranking, monthly volume of dozens, mostly ordinary numbers in the thousand or so, the price is even higher if expedited.

In a shop, the owner drying out a series of successful single theme, saying last week, supplied a total of 168 successful reservation number, each priced at 999 yuan, if you need a specified time the price increases by 499 yuan.

Online news says that there are already scalpers charging ¥3000 for a number this week, ¥1000 for next week.
I can understand someone wanting to pay to skip at the hospital, but waiting a few days to transfer a property? One reason someone might want to do this is if they fear rising prices. Chinese buyers and sellers will sometimes back out of a transaction if the market moves against them. In this case, if you bought a property before the tax was announced, the seller might try to claw back some of the tax savings. It may also be the case that, as in other situations, wealthier people would rather pay than wait.

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