Beijing New Home Prices and Sales Down in First Part of March

Beijing new home sales and prices were down in the first third of March, but the dip was blamed on a different mix of properties in the market, with average prices for different types of housing steady. Existing home sales remained strong.
in early March Beijing new home transaction volume remained at a low, average daily trading volume, although up slightly in late February, but still lower than the 2015 average daily trading volume of nearly 3 percent, while the price is a more substantial decline. According to Albert I love my family Group Data Center statistics, in early March (1-10), Beijing new commodity housing (excluding affordable housing) total net signed 2097 sets, the average daily turnover of 210 units, the chain in late February average daily trading volume an increase of 2.1%; average transaction price was 28,990 yuan / square meter, the average transaction price of new homes last month fell 8.4%.

Cause I love my family group vice president Hu Jinghui said the Beijing new home market, lack of new supply, especially in working-class home buyers to upgrade to meet the needs of the project in short supply, leading to the main reason for the continued downturn in volume of new homes; housing prices, although 3 the overall average transaction price of new homes in early May there is a clear decline, but this is mainly due to structural changes in turnover, in fact, the average price of all grades of commercial housing did not show much change; insufficient market supply of new homes makes buyers more the secondary housing market demand to support a second-hand housing market trading volume continued hot.

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