Moving Farmers to the City Hits Roadblock

In order to move migrants into the cities, China needs to reform rural policies. One step includes making it easier for rural people to monetize their land rights. Another is the fact that many migrants like to earn money in the city, and then go home to buy or built a larger house thanks to lower prices.

iFeng: 三四线城市应因城施策去库存 鼓励农民工进城买房
Encourage migrant workers in cities to buy a house

Government work report this year, China will further promote the new urbanization, with emphasis on the agricultural transfer of population Citizens to promote urban security, housing construction and real estate market stable and healthy development, strengthening urban planning and construction management of the three tasks.

"Town house hopes to digest inventory by migrant workers, the mind and the idea is good." Xiaolin member said, "but in fact is not obvious. After all these years to make money most of migrant workers to buy a house back home, because village houses are cheaper than the city. " Now this round of the four-tier cities to stocks, we need more policy support.

Zhang Hongming members felt encouraged migrant workers into the city to buy a house, to solve two problems. One is to promote economic development of the four-tier cities. So that migrant workers into the city settled farmers not simply solve the problems, but also to promote economic development, expand employment through economic development. This is conducive to migrant workers in cities, settled purchase. Second only to let migrant workers can afford housing, but also to achieve full coverage in the public service, such as migrant workers become the new public health insurance, social security to keep up, children's education and other problems to solve.

In addition, farmers in rural areas have their own homestead and contracted land assets. Basically, we need to consider how the reform of rural property rights system, how to make the rights of farmers through the capital market asset conversion into cash, so that farmers will have economic security of the city. Therefore, to solve the problem of farmers into the city, but also consider the economic problems of small towns and farmers asset market transformation.
From February: Urbanization Plan Meets Reality: Cities Lack Policies, Enthusiasm; Rural Support Policies Counteract

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