No Oil Effect in China: SUV Imports Tumble 20% in January

Auto inventory is also high in China:
In fact, in January this year, the imported car market is still in a destocking phase, automobile imports still continued to shrink.

According to statistics, China imported car market database, month, China imported 74,000 cars, down 24.8 percent, of which passenger car imports amounted to 73,000, down 25%, cars, MPV, SUV, not one exception to the decline.

Specifically, in the first month, 22,000 cars were imported, down 23.8%; SUV imports 48,000, down 23.7%; MPV models imported 01,900, down 53.4%.
iFeng: 1月汽车进口量持续萎缩 SUV下滑超两成

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