Real Estate Agents in Beijing See Unstable Income, Turn to Burglary

Real estate prices are jumping, but some real estate agents aren't getting a big enough slice of the pie. They're turning to burglary instead.
Two suspects confessed that they have been doing real estate agency in Beijing after the income is not stable. Since I usually bring customers to visit Ms. Lan living cells, we are very familiar with the environment here and know that this is an old district, preventive measures is relatively weak, so the two will discuss the use of rest time "a fortune." This year at 14:00 on January 25, the two came to the cell, choosing a family, after making sure no one inside, began committing the crime: burglary Luomou responsible, forever standing in the corridor of a lookout. Luo will pry open the door into the house, we found that there are six rooms, one of which did not lock the door, then go directly to the house and stole computers and Apple iPad. Then again Chuaimen or breaking the way, several other room and stole three laptop computers, and then never take a black car left the scene. Luo also confessed, before the cell's two burglaries and tied to his own. At present, the police have verified the participation of relevant cases Luomou 5 cases, involving more than 40,000 yuan.

Currently, Luomou, never has been a suspicion of theft, Haidian Branch of criminal detention, the case is under further investigation.
iFeng: 房产中介嫌收入不稳定 入室盗窃5起被抓

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