Urbanization Stall: Peasants Refuse to Give Up Land Rights

Another article asking why third- and fourth-tier prices have stalled comes to the same core conclusion: rural migrants refuse to give up their land and/or cannot monetize it.

JRJ.com: 三四线城市房价为何冰冻?
 Years of land reform, the ability of mortgage financing land farmers realized without the slightest break, which leads to large-scale land can not be monetized nor securitization, farmers watched the land can not be realized, the farmers formed directly into the city purchase of the fault, three or four lines of urban real estate so they had stuck. The recent practice of Anhui Province and the farmers on board feet practice was stopped many years ago, it is in fact within the framework of the current system to make land maneuvers only.

In an agricultural country like China for thousands of years, the land was excessive colored by political ideology, the land belongs to all the people, it is a collective, but not farmers, except for the land used by the Chinese government for urban expansion, and aside from the huge land finance, in fact, most of the land has not been monetized, has not been commodified, still in a state of the natural economy, and was frozen in some minds as "peasant social security." And in the current state of the economy, protect farmers' land is simply not, but self-reliant work.

A good system, mainly the release of the vitality of the assets, such as the flow of population, land flows and so on. China's agricultural land, especially homestead can not flow, can not enter the capital, farmers can not rely on the land mortgage financing, which part of the assets has been locked, it can not create value, stick to the formation of farmers in the rural situation. Third- or fourth-tier developers housing stock cannot cross the Himalayas, a serious impediment to the further modernization of the pace of urbanization, a more serious threat to China's economic and financial security.

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