Xinhua Warns First-Tier Housing Frenzy Could Spread to Second-Tier

Xinhua published an article today warning the efforts to slow home price increases in first-tier and top second-tier cities could lead to price rises in other cities as speculators move on to greener pastures.

Xinhua: 一线城市出招稳定楼市 警惕“虚火”向二线城市传导
 Since the spillover effects of funds, there is a lot of capital into the signs of first-tier cities and the surrounding hot second-tier cities. The first weekend after the Shanghai and new policies, and its surrounding property market rapid warming. 500 suites source in Kunshan near Shanghai, China Vanke launched robbed a space, off 70% from the purchase of Shanghai; Shenzhen, near Pine Lake Country Garden opening day that is to melt 8 percent, won gold 2.5 billion. Country Garden, told reporters, the Shenzhen property market policy tightening, just to be clear crowding-out effect, as a deep heat Songshan Lake District, Shenzhen, just to be highly favored.

Concerns about the industry, at the threshold of first-tier cities gradually, tightening the background, surplus funds may flow to the periphery, and a large amount of these economies, the supply and demand tight second-tier cities as a "safe haven." Local governments should be alert to first-tier cities "virtual fire" conduction to neighboring and other second-tier cities.

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