Young People Watch Dreams Die as Housing Prices Soar

 Location Beijing

  Li Na (oral), Generation Y, the SOE employee

  Renting: first encountered black intermediary

  I graduate in 2012 after graduation to work in Beijing, the North Fourth Ring Road in the oil industry of central enterprises, consider looking for an apartment in the vicinity of the company.

  Then five or six thousand a month's wages, a two-bedroom rent is almost over 4000, we can only consider sharing. Election room is shared standards in the master bedroom, the price is around 2000, the distance from the company's 3 stops.

  Followed by the agency to see the house, most of them are old houses, renovated poor people sharing is also more complex, all the houses are made of living room partition, a door is a room, not in public areas, corridors narrow and pitiful.

  First see is a duplex suite master bedroom with separate bathroom, great room there are more than 30 square meters, has a bay window, decoration is also very good. Most importantly, there is a small living room, so did not feel cramped. Although the price beyond the budget, to 2700 yuan, I was cruel to rent down.

  Later discovered that this is a black agency, I came back out of a difference, between the living room is now being transformed into the same cage partition are also rented out. This house lived a dozen people, is very complex, not long after I moved out, deposit and one month's rent should not come back.

  More than three years, I moved house four or five times, time to live up to one year, a minimum of 3 months.

  Moving reason speaking, the first two because of shared roommate. A three-bedroom has four rooms, roommates highly mobile. Even when you just rent a good house, feeling good roommate, but after a few days or a few months, will be replaced next door who do not know.

  Struggle: have a nice day, full of fighting spirit

  At that time think, it is the face of reality, few feel wronged, because peers are living this life. I have not thought about leaving Beijing, I love Beijing, like a young man pressure, like the feeling of struggle, probably determined character - that is, fighting desire, and live each day full of fighting spirit.

  At that time I wanted to hurry up to live a good life some time and effort spent in making money on. Later, wages rose to seven or eight thousand, a part-time shop there are about 10,000 yuan a month income, on a person rented a one-bedroom suite 4,000 yuan, residential environment is also very good. Rely on their own efforts to live better, I think this is the significance of the struggle in a big city. By their own hands to build a life, especially interesting, particularly practical.

  Buy: buy a set of more than 200 million two-bedroom only to the suburbs

  I am considering to buy a house after marriage, first, because two people together, with the ability to buy a house; the second is due to be married, both parents want to buy a house soon settle down.

  Taking into account Soon to have children, we intend to buy a set of more than 200 million two-bedroom. The size and price, can only choose ten to twenty kilometers from the outskirts of the company. We had to make a down payment of about one million, half of whom are parents, and half of us money.

  Since only the suburbs to buy a house, we chose the Shahe. First, because a car easy, I do not care about a dozen twenty kilometers away, and second, because the unit in the future to build a base there, a few years later might move in the past.

  Showings particularly simple process, we were looking for a home saw several sets of second-hand housing agency, finally bought a set of 95 square meters of small three-bedroom houses, more than 240 million. Down a third of the remaining several hundred thousand dollars as a decoration section.

  Life: plummeted

  Mortgage just started when my husband and I had a fight fiercely. Because we are so wages are not high, they do not want to use the fund, so the mortgage and rent expenses also rely on daily wages. One day I finally broke down and did not understand what is the meaning so desperately alive. Irrational us not even discuss the submitted sold the house.

  Later he bought a house, dusty day, the day of reckoning, did not at all romantic. 8,500 yuan a month mortgage, plus a set of monthly house rent before 4,500 yuan, we had to restrain consumption.

  My spare time writing, selling things doing part-time work to do on the passenger drivers to ride her husband. Even so, the standard of living or plummeted. I used Dior skincare from Avene; iPhone6 ​​into the phone from Huawei; for a long time do not wear clothes turned out to ironing the wear, not willing to lose. No longer work dinner with friends gossiping, but come home to buy vegetables to make dinner, entertainment becomes a reading and writing. I became self-discipline, and more willing to take responsibility.

  After the move to the suburbs to live, there is a change in their daily lives - working day need to get up early. In order to avoid the morning rush hour congestion, I usually go out at 6 o'clock, so the 5:30 alarm sounds, people have jumped from the bed, no room for hesitation, really can be used to describe the daytime. One morning, I walk to work along the North Fourth Ring Road, Yu Ji sunny day. Roadside shops not open the door, the Fourth Ring Road traffic and busy but orderly flow of people. Sunny weather for the past come with a nice farewell; and future, fate just put aside the veil.

  Location Shenzhen

  Gold Satsuki (a pseudonym), Generation Y, public sector employee

  800,000 to buy a house to sell 1.6 million

  Satsuki gold in Shenzhen, has spent eight years in her words, "I am a very traditional Chinese people, very demanding of home, rent an apartment is no feeling of home." At the time, arrived in Shenzhen 1 year her to the home to the first phase, in Shekou for a set of about 50 square meters of a small room, the total price of 800,000 yuan.

  But now, her own original decision was deeply remorseful, "If I had vision, in order to buy a house now would not worry about." Last year, Kim married Satsuki and her husband to discuss changing a big house. Years, they have a property inspection program, watched housing prices kept increasing, finalize buy still spent a full six months.

  Meanwhile, it is fortunate that in 2009 she purchased a small house, and ultimately to 1.6 million yuan successfully sold. "Just sell easy to buy a house difficult road to visit more sad ah." Kim Satsuki exclaimed.

  On the road every weekend showings

  Ever since the plan to buy a house, the couple of times they were all weekend showings occupied, Luohu, Futian, Nanshan, Yantian District ...... almost each area of ​​the house read over and over. Many houses just read yesterday, the next day to go has gone, so the couple in such hesitation and tangled in a time of new homes and miss.

  In Shekou DEGREES house price to 10 yuan / square meter, but also without seven million per square degree, Bedroom will nearly 7 million yuan a. "In Shekou, millions Sanshiyiting can not be called luxury, can only say that just need the room." Satsuki said Kim.

  So they choose to their new homes in Bao'an District, "from the work place close, prices are relatively high, the quality of life will not drop too much." However, it should be 47,000 yuan per square meter suite.

  Hesitated for a night house prices rose 100,000

  Buy this experience twists and turns. This year Chinese New Year eve, the couple decided to buy a set of Bao'an District, with only Bedroom ordinary degree, construction area of ​​63 square meters, the owners asking price 2.9 million yuan.

  "We decided to go home to consider a night, to discuss the final result is 2.9 million to 2.9 million." Kim recalls Satsuki, the next day, the agency told them, the owners said to be 3.15 million sold. Satsuki gold this time did not dare to consider, on the spot so that the agency call the owner to bargain, Haoshuodaishuo under 3 million deal. "We almost did not hesitate to sign up, if you think about yesterday, do not hesitate, we earn equal to 100,000, a kind of feeling of regret Green intestines."

  Like buying a house is like buying bonds can hedge

  Pay nearly a million down payment, the gold Satsuki and her husband need to burden 11,000 yuan for the month, what has become life constraints. Gold Satsuki think this is worth it, "Shenzhen is now a month to rent a two-bedroom at least 5,000 yuan, pay more money, at least the house is their own, at ease. I feel like buying bonds to buy a house, like, absolutely can hedge."

  However, after the birth of a child, etc., two is not enough room to live, and that time have to face the problem wards.

  "Why not bite the bullet and step, direct another three bedrooms?"

  "Not only the down payment is not enough to buy a three-bedroom, for the month could not afford."
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