China Home Price to Income Ratios for 2015

Shanghai E-House Research has released the 2015 Home Price to Income Ratios for 35 cities:
Shenzhen is on top with an average home price that is 27.7 times the average annual salary. Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen and Fuzhou round out the top five.

The top 35 cities have a higher ratio than the national average, and homes are said to be 12% above fair value based on this measure:
The report shows that, according to the National Bureau of Statistics caliber 2015 national commercial housing price earnings ratio of 7.2, in which 35 major cities price earnings ratio of 8.7, the magnitude of deviation from the reasonable value of 12%.
Shenzhen is 111% above fair value, while Shenyang is 14% below fair value, according to the report.
Data show that the price earnings ratio deviation value terms, 35 City Super City quarter offset value by 25%. Shenzhen price earnings ratio deviates from fair value of as much as 111%, Xiamen aspect of price earnings ratio of the magnitude of deviation from the fair value is also up to 70% deviation from the reasonable value of the amplitude of Beijing has reached 45%, Shijiazhuang deviation as high as 45%, Shanghai, Fuzhou areas, namely, a shift of about 40%. The Shenyang price earnings ratio of only 6.0%, prices deviate from the value of the amplitude is -14%.

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