Commodities Are Cheap, Might As Will Build 1 Million KM of New Roads

Tencent: 李克强:实施百万公里农村公路建设工程
First, a one million kilometers of rural road construction project, to achieve towns and villages formed hardened road, bus pass, the road dangerous bridge reconstruction, poverty-stricken areas to improve the development of the tourism industry and other traffic conditions. The second is the implementation of highways, railways, airports and other one hundred key channel project, to achieve secondary and higher highway basically covered all the counties, railroads and highways substantially cover the city (prefecture) administrative center. Promoting blank border highway road construction. Increase policy support taxation, land use, construction and maintenance of both a sound investment and management mechanism. "Double Hundred", can effectively stimulate investment and expand employment, poverty alleviation traffic amplification effect for the benefit of hundreds of millions of the masses.

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