Brazil Removes President; Texas Plots Secession

Reuters: Brazil's Rousseff set to bow out after Senate votes to put her on trial
Brazil's Senate voted on Thursday to put leftist President Dilma Rousseff on trial in a historic decision brought on by a deep recession and a corruption scandal that will now confront her successor, Vice President Michel Temer.

With Rousseff to be suspended during the Senate trial for allegedly breaking budget rules, the centrist Temer will take the helm of a country that again finds itself mired in political and economic volatility after a recent decade of prosperity.

Mother Jones: Texas Republicans Inch Closer to Secession
On Wednesday, the Platform Committee of the Texas Republican Party voted to put a Texas independence resolution up for a vote at this week's GOP convention, according to a press release from the pro-secession Texas Nationalist Movement. The resolution calls for allowing voters to decide whether the Lone Star State should become an independent nation.
Texas isn't going to secede, but if the idea gains steam, it raises the possibility of an extreme outcome.

Charts of the Brazil and U.S. stock markets make it clear why Brazil's leader has been removed, and why Texas' independence move is only noise for now. If those charts switch, however, we might hear about the wildly popular Brazilian president and the rising secessionist movements in America.

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