3 Days 12 Land Kings; Home Prices Will Explode

The first week of June, just three days there are 12 "land kings" emerged. When the "frequent kings" and "flour more expensive than bread" has become the norm, the impact of this phenomenon on the future prices of the ordinary people should not be overlooked. The industry believes that if more non-controlling measures, the future prices will rise explosively. After all, get to the cost of housing prices at a glance - compared to the same period has increased by nearly 50% last year, when the prices are not skyrocketing accordingly, many housing prices will not be "some sort of relief."

...This year's "King" premium rate is frequently up to 300% -400%, the market is flabbergasted. Cinda June 1 to 5.805 billion yuan won the Shanghai Gu Village, Baoshan District, a block, a premium of more than 303% financial innovation in China in March to 2.75 billion yuan won the Hefei Chief District residential land premium rate as high as 400%.

..."Floor price more than housing prices have become the norm, although the 'king' does not fully represent the future of the market price, but so much focus on the emergence future prices is difficult to be affected," Centaline Dawei, chief analyst with respect, in particular, holds many lessons rapidly rising house prices in Nanjing, Hefei, Xiamen, Suzhou has become "land king" the most concentrated second-tier cities. "If there is no binding policy, the future of housing prices is likely to be characterized by an explosive rise."

...According to Centaline statistics on the cost of land, as of May 25, 50 developers obtained land with an average price of 6,283 yuan / square meter. Compared to the same period in 2015, the average cost increase of 48.4 per cent.
Chinese housing will have to be high-end in the future to justify the cost:
"The future of luxury of hard to avoid." Dawei respect, the new listing of real estate prices will be the future trend of high-end, while many in the past that the region will supply a large number of non-luxury luxury items, have a significant impact on market pricing.
iFeng: 短短3天又现12宗“地王” 业内:房价即将暴涨

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