China Set to Change Land Sale Regulations

China passed a National Land Use Plan 2006-2020 in the prior decade, with a target for land use. Now it is planning to adjust the law in the face of another real estate bubble, but perhaps only to adjust the targets upwards such that provincial and local governments don't find themselves violating the national policy targets and running out of land to sell.
2006 land targets envisaged standing next fifteen years to use, and how "science", I guess not much science. In this era of big changes, even a people may not remember in 2006 how he envisioned in 2016 life.

Not to say that those plans would be meaningless, but that in a timely manner to the cognitive errors and deviations, and then corrected in time, it is very necessary. Than hugs then set the death figures to interfere with development of the market is better. As previously artillery shelling measure will first launch bombs, according to then-site wind speed, placement into the hair out of trajectory correction, no one will believe the initial cannonball can hit.

The country's construction land adjust how much?

After the regulations, the 2006--2020 land use for construction was set at a target of 5,317,600 hectares, this has grown to 8,796,900 hectares in 2016, an increase of 65%! (10,000 ha = 100 km2)
The chart below shows land use targets in red, and the difference from the target in gold.
With this perspective, in fact, we have the opportunity to make a more detailed analysis: for example, why Hebei increase of as much as 188%? Why Gansu is negative adjustment? Why do so many less developed areas of Jiangsu and Guangdong Guangdong belong adjusted index? For example, housing prices stagnation region is not more difficult to get a new index? ......

However, current published data is the total construction land, includes both urban and rural contains both contain urbanization also contains mining, ports, roads and railway. For example, a large number of new construction land in Xinjiang, it is unlikely the local urban and rural construction of settlements, industrial facilities, and more importantly, is "New Silk Road" related to the transportation construction. Also difficult to make more in-depth interpretation.
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