Italy's 5-Star Movement Wins Mayoral Races in Rome and Turin

AFP: Women power leaves Italy's Renzi reeling
talian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was left reeling Monday after stinging local election reverses that saw female mayors from the populist Five Star Movement (M5S) elected in Rome and Turin.

...Economist Lorenzo Codogno commented: "The bottom line is that the PD is losing ground in favour of anti-establishment parties."

Codogno said the vote also marked the emergence of a "more hands-on and pragmatic" breed of M5S politician which could make the party more electable in 2018.

...The redrawing of Italy's political landscape came four months before a crucial referendum on constitutional reform. Renzi has vowed to quit if he loses the vote on streamlining Italy's parliamentary and electoral systems.

..."It makes the referendum in October more complicated," he said. "If the constitutional reform is not approved there will be a 'Rexit' (Renzi's departure) and chaos will ensue. Instability in a country with debt at 130 percent of GDP will pose a very big problem for Europe."
EU leaders have successfully played electoral Russian roulette over the past few years, but there are more bullets in the chamber going forward. Without a turn in social mood, eventually an outsider party will win power and follow up on its rhetoric.

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