Jockeying For Position in SCS Before Election

Whomever wins the presidential election is likely to be made of sterner stuff than the current occupant of the White House, which is why strategic competitors are pressing for advantage ahead of regime change.

People's Daily: Commentary: U.S. display of military power act of hegemony
Statements from high ranking officials in the U.S. military as well as the aircraft carrier drills themselves once again demonstrate that the U.S. is definitely not a regional security safeguard, and instead precisely a trouble maker. In the regard of the South China Sea issue, the U.S. is playing an extremely destructive role.

For a period of time, the U.S., by making what appears to be a show being very much in earnest to advertise militarization dangers in the South China Sea is putting the hat that balances regional peace and stability onto China’s head in a sly manner . Yet in reality, what people see is that the U.S. aircraft carriers have arrived, that the U.S. strategic bombers have arrived, that the U.S. guided missile destroyers sailing with a flag representing “freedom of navigation” have not only approached near to Chinese islands, the Americans together with allies have conducted military drills one after another, so the question is who is promoting the militarization of the South China Sea, who is trying to turn the South China Sea into a gunpowder bucket?

...In the regard of the South China Sea issue, China’s will to maintain national sovereignty and territorial integrity is as solid as a boulder. If it is not China’s then we don’t need a single piece of it, but if there is a piece of land that is supposed to be China’s then it must be maintained. Any person should not have dreams or fantasies about this.

China will continue to maintain strict supervision of the sea area conditions and will take appropriate measures should there be any incidences, and defend against the occurrence of situations that harm Chinese territorial sovereignty or security benefits. China’s will and actions equate to something that the U.S. should be clear about. China will not let other countries have their way with their temper or to act arbitrarily regardless of the rules in the regard of South China Sea stability.

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