Land Ministry Urgent Warning on Abnormal Land Auctions

The MLR says abnormal trading accounts for 18% of land sales since 2015. The headline for this article describes it as an urgent warning to prevent abnormal land transactions.

Land Resources Bulletin, Vol. 28

In 2010, the Ministry issued "on the strict implementation of land for real estate regulatory policies to promote the healthy development of the land market issues related to notice" (Guo Tu Zi Fa [2010] No. 204), urged local land price monitoring, to grasp the abnormal changes in land of trick shot hang sell in the premium rate of more than 50% of total turnover or high unit price and innovative real estate sites, city and county land and resources departments to sign 2 working days (bid notices issued) after the transaction confirmation, reported the Ministry of land (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the provincial Land and resources departments. After 2011, the Ministry of relevant documents to further improve the abnormal trading land record system clarifies the scope of reporting unusual transactions plots, manner, conditions, deadlines, but also requires a careful analysis of anomalies in the remarks column expensive reason. Provincial department for the emergence of cities and counties to supervise abnormal high land and interviews.

According to the Department of unusual transactions Lot database record, since 2015, media reports of unusual transactions Lot filing rate was 18%.

Unusual transactions Lot filing system is to do real estate land management and market regulation, the land market measures to promote the important work of the healthy and stable development of the local land and resources departments at all levels must unify their thinking, enhance understanding, in accordance with the requirements of the Department of the relevant documents, the abnormal trading Lot filing system as an important basis for the work of long-term adherence. The provincial land and resources departments to assume the co-regulatory responsibilities, supervise the implementation of the administrative area of abnormal trading record of timely discovery and suppression is not required to report the behavior. City and county land and resources departments to improve the system, clear responsibility to the people, to ensure that abnormal trading filing system effectively. Has abnormal trading block city, county, land and resources departments should be carefully analyzed, the initiative to promote its interpretation, to take timely measures to stabilize the market and related work, develop a comprehensive work plan, efforts to prevent and resolve land market unusual transactions that may arise.

iFeng: 国土部紧急发文:预防化解土地异常交易

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