Li Keqiang Still Pushing Equity Financing

One bubble later: 李克强:推动股权融资 探索多层次资本市场转板机制
Li came to China Construction Bank to learn more about the bank to support the real economy, the implementation of the camp changed to increase services and public circumstances entrepreneurship and innovation. He said the finance is the lifeblood of the national economy, in the full implementation of the camp changed to increase the pilot process must ensure that the financial sector only reduced without increasing the overall tax burden. Commercial banks should also focus on market demand, and constantly improve the ability to serve the real economy, especially small and micro enterprises and the like.

...Multi-channel financing to promote equity, to explore the establishment of a multi-level capital market transfer mechanism, regional equity market development services to SMEs, and promote the healthy development of the bond market, improve the proportion of direct financing.

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