Why Some Beijing Home Prices Soar

In Beijing, 160,000 students want to enter schools with a quota of 5,000, and requirements to qualify for Beijing schools are being tightened.

A set of data, "China Education Daily" has been released in 2015, Beijing has about 160,000 children in primary school enrollment information collection. Among them, Beijing registered students about 100,000, about 60,000 non-Beijing. But Dongcheng, Xicheng and Haidian District's 25 best primary schools only receive about 5,000 students.

Potential demand is 160,000, while supply is 5000 places, this is the main reason for surging prices in Beijing high school district housing market.

Moreover, with the release the two child policy, school demand will be further amplified. Several scholars from Beijing Normal University in a paper predicted that by 2015 -2025 Beijing primary school enrollments will increase year by year on the basis of the existing 170,000, and ultimately stabilize at 250,000-300,000 students.
Another big change this year, Beijing school district policy, the non-Beijing students enrolled membership of more and more strict. For example, Shijingshan District regulations, holders of "Beijing residence permit to work" (commonly known as "Beijing green card") of non-nationals in Beijing this year, Beijing will no longer enjoy the benefits of membership enrollment. As another example, the provisions of Fengtai District, Beijing Ji later for non-working parents of students and renters, the dynamic audit every year.
Location. Location. Location.
iFeng: 学区房暴涨之谜:16万人抢5000个入学名额

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