Port Traffic Slides As Business Leaves Tianjin and Dalian

China understands that once the manufacturing leaves, the rest of the industry often follows. Tianjin has watched its shipbuilders leave for Shanghai and service and shipping firms are following them.
iFeng: “大咖”撤离天津、大连 中国城市格局再次深度洗牌
A large coffee evacuation

Recently, the central enterprises and the Chinese shipping giant China Ocean sea floor integration, after the reorganization of the company "in the ocean" shift the container , oil transportation business headquarters settled down to Shanghai, the business headquarters in bulk to Guangzhou. And in the bulk and tanker shipping business operations, and the relative advantages of Tianjin, Dalian, but a missed opportunity.

You know, China COSCO subsidiaries in Tianjin COSCO Bulk business stronghold, oil transportation business headquartered in Dalian, business systems and port facilities do not need to re-build and construction.

More seriously, China's largest shipping business four Chinese shipping company, China COSCO and China Merchants China Sinotrans after completion of the current round of restructuring of central enterprises, the headquarters in Shanghai and Hong Kong. North of the Yangtze River shipping giant has no one!
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Second, why is Tianjin no longer a giant?

Shipping is gone, which means the boat is gone, means that the service had gone, primary goods or part of a problem.

This may make a big impact, to know that several boats had not shipping, the concept of a few people, maritime shipping center has at least two conditions:

One: the goods came, a boat can get to your destination, which requires route dense container hub port, deep-water channel, collection and distribution network and other hardware facilities;

Two: to provide services for the ship, crew, foreign trade, relying on the port city needs to have a strong financial , trade, information and other software features.

Visible, the shipping industry is quite complex system, each of which can be extended into a service industry , and behind this is related to the employment and taxes.

Therefore, total port cargo throughput is no longer active, a great impact on the port economy.

Also, because the shipping industry is capital-intensive, it will affect the amount of money a city, and the impact on the amount of money the city's scientific and technological innovation and other industries can be described as immediate.

Tonnage coming through Tianjin
Dalian is also watching its port business shrivel.
Third, why is Dalian being dragged down?

Dalian was the economic leader in the Northeast, Dalian Port relies on Dalian, northeast radiation. Today's economic reports, Dalian, words full screen slide.

Through this picture, we can see Dalian through the side, the northeast economic situation.

Right to left: total trade, imports, exports, electronics exports, technology exports
Dalian has become encumbered by the low-end industrial economy accounting for 46.31 percent of GDP, contribution to economic growth of 10.6%.

Industrial port has dependencies, but the industry is still overly dependent on coal and other traditional heavy industries, high value-added industries rarely appear, only a few still in the rising phase of the category and high value-added, high-tech correlation is not large. This is an important reason why the Dalian economy has been devastated.
The article goes on to note the winners: Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou...

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