A-Share Insanity: Traders Gamble on Delisting Share

Background: Trading in Soon to Be Delisted Firm Surges After Fake Text Message Claims It's An IPO

Shares are limit-down almost every day since it resumed trading on July 12, but there was that one limit-up day with heavy volume. Shares traded heavily on August 2 as large holders were finally able to exit and offload shares onto buyers, many taking heavy losses on earlier speculative buys.

iFeng: 这届股民太猛:1.55亿资金搏杀*欣泰 带头大哥亏19%逃跑
Human greed in the stock market performance of the head inside, one destined to withdraw from the market and have no opportunity to turn around the stock, even before the "dying", thousands of investors were repeated speculation. They buy when they are convinced that: he will not be the last batch of "disk access Man," because there are more stupid people to take over!

As a result, those who buy a batch of full quilt. Lucky escape, have been cut several kilograms of meat; rushed to the new, he became lamb to be slaughtered. Perhaps, for more small, scattered, only by the lesson of blood, forcing them to grow.

2 (August 2), we are fulfilling delisting procedures * Xintai again open limit. 16 days since the resumption of the stock in the first 11 days of continuous daily limit word, that is 12 days from July 27 the stock hit bottom pulled up to the daily limit, followed by three days re-word limit. 2, * Xintai daily limit has been opened, but also quite fierce sell orders, the stock eventually closed down 6.81 percent.

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