Financial Work Group Postpones Meeting Again, Reform Challenges Too Great

iFeng: 中央金融工作会议推迟至9月以后 或因改革难度太大
August 2, the NDRC issued a message reveals, the fifth national financial work conference will again be postponed until after September. Central Financial Work Conference because this is considered officially promote regulatory reform and widespread concern by the market, and now the meeting repeatedly postponed, analysts generally believe that, or because of the difficulty of reform is too large.

...Current financial risks and challenges China is facing increasing, and the drawbacks of the financial regulatory system is gradually revealed, the central regulatory frameworks need to promote financial reform and guard against financial risks and maintain the new era of the financial industry and stable development.

...About the current financial regulatory reform, more controversy has five programs, namely:

The first scenario: the upcoming "Three committees" incorporated into the central bank, the central bank to take super mode;

The second option: "line of the First Committee" program, soon to be "three committees" merged Integrated Financial Supervision Commission, thereby forming a "double regulation" mode;

The third program: "line two sessions" program, will the central bank and China Banking Regulatory Commission mergers, CSRC and CIRC preserve the existing situation remains unchanged;

The fourth option: "line of three" program, soon to be "line 3 will be" merged super financial regulatory bodies, the establishment of the Banking, Insurance Regulatory Commission and China Securities Regulatory Commission at the central bank;

The fifth program: the establishment of infrastructure in the current financial regulatory framework "Financial Stability Board", the Consumer Financial Protection Agency singled out, in order to strengthen financial consumer protection.

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