Hong Kong Holds Largest Independence Rally

The same issues driving political change across Europe, Asia and the Americas: identity, community, sovereignty. The Hong Kong movement is very small though, and unlikely to grow into something meaningful short of a major downturn in mood and the economy, larger than the 1930s.

SCMP: Hong Kong localists remain defiant at ‘historic’ rally
Hong Kong independence advocates banned from next month’s Legislative Council elections vowed at a defiant rally on Friday night that they would press on with their cause and campaign for wider public support.

The gathering, dubbed the “first pro-independence rally in Hong Kong”, went peacefully at Tamar Park outside the government headquarters in Admiralty.

About 2,500 people, mostly the young and some middle-aged, took part, monitored by about 500 police officers on the ground with another 500 on stand-by at police stations.

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