10 Trillion Yuan for Developers in First Half

Real estate firms deployed 10 trillion yuan in capital in the first half, with about half coming from banks.

Banks provide about half of this year's more than 10 trillion of funds, broken down into smaller four-way, the inner sheet loans and entrusted loans gradually cooling; and self-investment and bank financing in the amount of increase in blood transfusion.

Corporate bonds this year by leaps and bounds last year, from May to August this year, bond funds to provide for the real estate business has more than 1.2 trillion. At the same time, the real estate company's financing costs continue to decline, release rates as low as 3%.

...Followed by self-investment and financial management. Publicly available data, financial inflows increased significantly, as the balance of the first half amounted to 2.09 trillion yuan.
Bank lending to real estate firms as a proportion of total lending fell at most banks though"
21st Century Business Herald reporter combing 17 report of listed companies found that the proportion of real estate loans accounted for the total size of the general decline in loans, only CITIC, China and Bank of Beijing rose slightly, the biggest CITIC, it is only raised 0.67 percentage points. It is noteworthy that, compared with the end of last year, real estate loans decline in bank 6, namely the Agricultural Bank, Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank, Societe Generale and Bank of Nanjing; wherein, Societe Generale and Bank of Nanjing fell more.
Loan growth to firms was about 1 percent in the first half:
This sum of 17 listed banks (including Zhejiang bank market this year) data, as of the end of the first half of this year, real estate loans to total 4.096 trillion yuan public, by the end of 2015 was 4.056 trillion yuan, an increase that is only the first half of 400 billion.
Real estate firms raised capital using other sources:
According to data disclosed by Gordon debt, as of the first half of this year, bank financing through bonds configuration, non-standard assets, equity assets and other ways to invest in the real economy, the fund balance was 16.03 trillion yuan, of which 13.06 percent to real estate, real estate rose from third last year to second, a total of 2.09 trillion yuan.

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