Mainland Buying Restrictions Sends Giant Ball of Liquidity Into Hong Kong

港媒:内地资金涌入香港买楼避险 或推高香港房价
Hong Kong media said that since the yuan since joining IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket of currencies, the RMB has continued the trend of depreciation; plus more than 20 cities in the Mainland, have introduced market regulation policy, more and more mainlanders Hong Kong to buy property hedge against inflation, is expected to push up the Hong Kong property market.

According to Hong Kong "Economic Daily" reported on October 20, according to Bloomberg quoted the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department data show that last month, the non-permanent Hong Kong resident buyers total 250 transactions, rose to a new high since 14 months, compared with June to September higher than the average of 36%; Stamp Duty September non-Hong Kong permanent resident buyers paid up to HK $ 506 million, 26% higher than the average of the past four months.

Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department did not provide the nationality of these buy property in Hong Kong non-residents, but the industry believes that, from the mainland.

Ryan Lam Research Shanghai Commercial Bank in Hong Kong director, said, "Investment in non-resident investors in the property market in Hong Kong, mainland buyers is definitely the protagonist, they recently purchased property in Hong Kong is accelerating pace. Under the expected devaluation of the renminbi, the mainland buyers are decreased by RMB exposure to dollar assets is a good choice hedge. "

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