Real Estate Price Listings Investigated

China is taking no chances in its effort to slow home price appreciation, now going after realtors for shady pricing behavior.

It was only yesterday (November 8), this Regulation re-upgrade - Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Housing and Urban jointly issued a document, will conduct a special inspection for the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and cities, sub-provincial capital cities of the real estate sales price tag one month (November 10 - December 20), check the objects involved in real estate development companies and real estate agencies. Before acting alone and each city is different, this regulation has been significantly upgraded specifications.

Some analysts pointed out that the special inspection is actually aimed at the hoarding behavior aspects of real estate sales. Overall, including the special inspection and previous purchase of the credit limit, there is a round of regulation is a consistent core, that is in many ways regulate market transactions, and thus play a role in suppressing asset bubbles squeeze. From the follow-up impact point of view, the special inspection will help guard against the phenomenon of inflated housing prices, buyers will be reduced concerns, emboldened to buy a house will increase.

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