Fighting China's Demographic Winter

Bloomberg: China Should Allow Three or More Children: Top Demographer
"Now the policy allows you to have a second child, but many people, at least 50 percent of them, do not want the second child," said Cai, a former head of the Institute of Population and Labor Economics at CASS. "Population policy, which encouraged people to give birth more, should be a policy package including allowing people to have a second and third or even more babies. If the total fertility rate can increase, the newborn will be the labor force in 20 years."
Given the ability for China to force policy, it wouldn't surprise to see the government order people to have more children. Otherwise, it will require a full court press, including media. As I said before, China should tell every TV show have it's main characters get pregnant. It would be far more effective, and efficient, than these other ideas.

China's energy use will peak in about 5 years due to current demographic trends, as the chart below shows. The article shows how the energy consumption in the U.S., E.U., Japan, Indian and China tracks the core working population age 25-54 years.

ZH: Energy Consumption Vs. Core Populations - Trending Down Together

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