Bank Credit for RE Development "Frozen"

iFeng: 银行全线收紧开发贷 房地产融资迎“冰封”时刻
"In recent years, various banks have received intensive checks from the regulatory authorities, and in the field of credit risk, the development of loans is the focus of the inspection." The banking industry told China Securities Journal reporter that the regulatory authorities on the bank financial management funds into the real estate also found special tight. China Banking Regulatory Commission recently issued a document on the banking risk prevention and control, and carry out a series of special rectification, real estate risk has become the focus of investigation areas. A number of banks on the public credit business executives said that the current development of the loan business is not stagnant, but the overall contraction of the momentum is quite clear.

...A number of local banking regulators said that as a local banking regulatory authorities, for some national banks to issue financial products, the underlying assets can not be completely "penetrate", many funds through financial management, management products "around the" Real estate, this year this will be the focus of regulatory investigation.

...People close to the central bank of China Securities Journal reporter said that the proportion of real estate loans will become the central bank to assess MPA one of the important parameters.

...Of course, the bank on the development of loans is not completely "blocked", but to follow the national policy-oriented, there is pressure. Bank of Communications, a local branch, said: "The current policy for the development of credit control is very tight, but for the protection of housing is still strongly supported in the first quarter of our branch of the real estate loans are basically used in the protection of housing projects." CBRC latest statistics show , As of the end of March, affordable housing project loan balance of 3.5 trillion yuan, an increase of 52.2%, an increase of 339.2 billion yuan over the beginning, up by 31.3 billion yuan.

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