Chinese Farmers Cut Chicken Growth Time in Half

Baidu: 鸡肉价格大跌背后:白羽鸡生长周期缩短近半 (by way of The Sinocism China Newsletter)
This year, broiler prices continued to fall, the leading profit margins listed companies, many chickens produceres have fallen into a loss.

In fact, over the past decade or so, the relative prices of broilers have been in the doldrums compared to other meat products. And this is behind the role of antibiotics and other reasons, the growth cycle of broilers has been reduced by nearly half; broiler production has long been highly industrialized.
Also, attention KFC and McDonald's, you are headed for another public relations disaster:
Against the use of antibiotics in the world continued to heat up. According to Reuters, KFC plans to limit the supply of antibiotic broilers and plans to completely ban human antibiotics by the end of 2018. As early as August 2016, McDonald's announced that from 2017 onwards, the US market McDonald's will only purchase non-human antibiotics using chicken products.

But Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald's policy only in the United States, does not include China. McDonald's previously responded that the use of antibiotics in the course of animal treatment is a must. McDonald's requires Chinese suppliers to use antibiotics in strict compliance with national laws and regulations.
Far be it from me to tell them how to run their business (and I don't know the cost differential, maybe it is high), but Chinese are more health conscious and still expect better from foreign brands. Fast food can't always make a claim to better health, but selling China's "first antibiotic free chickens" at restaurants across China would be great marketing.

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