Chinese Govt Wants More Land Supply

The Chinese government wants localities to regulate the housing market via land supply. In cities with low inventory, they want more, and vice versa. Of the 70 cities in the NBS home price survey, 45 may increase supply.

The core of this policy is to inventory the digestion cycle grade, short cycle to expand the land for a long period of time to stop for the land. "From the supply and demand to start, this is the right medicine. The next step to see the local government execution, see the Ministry of Construction accountability." There are real estate sector so evaluation.

According to the latest statistics of the Institute, at least 45 cities in the country's 70 key cities in the inventory digestion cycle in 12 months (including 12 months), these cities need at least "increase the land supply", including Nanjing, etc. 6 cities "not only to significantly increase the supply of land, but also to speed up the rhythm of the land."
iFeng: 两部委发话!至少45个城市要增加土地供应

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