Chinese Housing Speculators Finally Thwarted?

Chinese cities are implementing strict selling restrictions that ban transactions for 2 to 5 years, with other cities following up. This latest wave of restrictions has industry watchers expecting the froth will finally come out of the market. Assuming speculators can't engage in "lease-to-buy" or sell 5 year "options to buy" to renters, or find some other way to recoup capital under existing regulations.
Xiamen: new housing to obtain a certificate of property after 2 years to be listed on the transaction

Chengdu: high-end apartments purchased by the housing within 5 years shall not be listed on the transfer

Fuzhou: the new real estate license to obtain less than 2 years, shall not be listed transactions, shall not apply for the transfer of notarization procedures

Qingdao: Housing obtained real estate license after 2 years before the listing of transactions

Guangzhou: new purchase of housing to obtain real estate license over 2 years before the transfer

Changle (Fujian): obtain real estate license under two years, not listed transactions

Changzhou: new purchase over 2 years before the listing of transactions

Huizhou: new purchase of commercial housing over 3 years before the transfer

Zhuhai: new purchase within 3 years to prohibit the transfer of transactions

Dongguan: upgrade purchase, over 2 years before trading

Yangzhou: property rights under two years without trading

Hangzhou: enterprises to buy regional housing to be 3 years before the listing of transactions

Hainan province: new buyers to obtain real estate license two years after the transfer
Cities around the "hot cities" are also tightening buying restrictions:
Sale can greatly curb the real estate speculation, which is regarded as "cut off the property market liquidity," the ruthless strokes. And now, the property market also showed a "city circle + recognition room credit + limited sales" of the new features of regulation:

To "city circle", the city group in the form of a comprehensive closure of real estate

For example: in Beijing, Tianjin, the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and other regions, there are in addition to the central city regulation and upgrading, the surrounding more than ten cities (counties, districts) are also released, upgrade the situation of purchase. This is equivalent to the hot city around the city to build a road wall, close fried real estate.
The loan data from March suggests the buying and selling restrictions are driving prices higher, although we'll find out soon enough when data is released this week. At some point, legitimate buyers will start expecting prices to come down and the air will quickly be let out of the market, as it has in the past. At this point, there's only hope:
In the real estate market, there is no bubble burst. The recent control policies emerge in an endless stream, so that the market realized that the government "regulation of ammunition" in the "ammunition" is also sufficient, and the determination of the current round of control is also great, which can play a real shock to the real estate speculators. After a spring with no peace in the housing market, everyone is looking forward to a quiet summer.

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