Minsheng Already Has Solution for Speculators Locked Out of Anxin

After announcing expanded development of Anxin in Hebei province as part of the Beijing-Hebei-Tianjin development, the government quickly moved to freeze the housing market. Minsheng Securties has advice for those wanting to bet on the area:
Although the security of the new district in principle can not buy a house, but the people's livelihood real estate industry researcher Xu Chao believes that around the Xiong'an District, there are two real estate investment ideas: investment risk is small, high liquidity options Zhuozhou City and Gaobeidian City , For non-local buyers, the two do not require social security and tax. At present, located in Gaobeidian City, Baigou town, real estate sales office overcrowding.

For long-term investors, Bazhou and Xushui real estate markets are also worthy of attention.
EO: 民生证券:雄安新区三县锁盘 购房者还有这些选择

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