Will Anti-Money Laundering Rules Finally Break Housing Market?

New housing rules require "know your customer" regulations be fully implemented and all money flowing through official bank channels. This piece argues buying a house will expose home buyers to a detailed investigation of their finances, risking exposure of tax evasion or money laundering, ending the illicit demand that helped fuel home flipping.
iFeng: 楼市这项政策将带来巨变 很多人却没有看懂!
In the future, the property market regulation can also require each homebuyer to provide the first payment source, when the time can check your money from wages or bonuses, or parents to provide assistance, or from the down payment or private lending. You suddenly deposited into their account of large amounts of cash, when the time must account for the source, or even check you have no tax.

When the bank is serious, through the way through the supervision of "know the customer", you are basically placed under the microscope. By then, buying a house is a very risky thing. Well, the Inland Revenue Department will know that you are tax evasion, the central bank know you money laundering, the Commission for Discipline Inspection know you bribe, the bank know you use the first mortgage.

Buy a house before you need to first reflect on three days to see if their money is clean or not, is there a loophole. At that time, if you hate who, to persuade him to buy a house, to the eyes!

To that time, if your funds have the slightest flaws, do you dare to buy it? As for the real estate, it is even more clearly seen.

When the government really want to control the price the real estate speculators have no way to escape!

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