Credit Controls Worked in April, First-Tier Home Prices Slump

"The same set, the latest offer only 785 million." Yesterday, the purchase of Ms. He excitedly to the latest housing screenshots to the family, for the month to hold back and feel happy to buy a house.

Ms. Ho has been concerned about the North Second Ring Road north of the district, although it is commonly known as the "old broken small", but the location is good, near the school is also good. At the beginning of March, Ms. Ho saw the intermediary store out of a set of altar north of 62 square meters of small two homes, offer 8.8 million yuan. "At that time I also went to see, is hesitant, Beijing introduced the property market regulation, and later a family to discuss, then slowly said.

This gentle, to Ms. Ho brought good news. April 20, Ms. Ho log on the intermediary site, they found that the offer of this property has been reduced from 8.8 million yuan to 8.1 million yuan. Yesterday, she turned around and found the new listing of the same size units, the latest offer price of 7.85 million yuan.

"In less than a month, the listing price down nearly $ 1 million." Ms. Ho felt that although this is only a case, but also shows that the owners have become anxious. "Brokers also told me that the recent market turnover is really bad, and so maybe there is hope to fall."
Credit controls worked according to data from 我爱我家. The proportion of credit fell 10 percentage points as a share of financing, with cash, public housing funds and "other" making up the difference:
I love my home market research institute to provide data, in April 2017 Beijing existing home transactions in a variety of payment methods, the full payment ratio of 37.51%, increased by 8.37% from March; commercial loans were 41.38% of purchases, down 10% from March; municipal provident fund to pay the proportion of 15.78%, increased by 1.22% in March; other payments accounted for 5.33%, an increase of 1.42%.

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