EU Taps Nationalism in Brexit Negotiations

Independent.ie:Nigel Farage accuses EU of 'stoking Irish nationalism to make Brexit difficult'
"The EU have indicated that if Northern Ireland would opt to leave the United Kingdom and join up with Eire, there would be absolutely no problem in a new United Ireland automatically becoming a member of the European Union.

"So what they are doing to try to make Brexit negotiations difficult for this government is they are prepared to stoke Irish nationalism and all that could come with that.
"I have to say I think that perhaps this is the most contemptible thing that I've heard so far."

His comments follow the formal acknowledgement by EU leaders of the possibility for Northern Ireland rejoining the EU as part of a united Ireland post-Brexit.
Belfast Telegraph: Initial Brexit focus will be on Ireland and border, says EU negotiator Barnier
Speaking in Brussels, Mr Barnier said the opening phase of negotiations would focus on the financial settlement, the status of expatriate citizens and the future border between the UK and EU in Ireland.

"I will pay great attention to the situation in Ireland... I will be going to Ireland next week," he said.

What he described as the "unique circumstances and challenges" of Ireland in the wake of the peace process and the Good Friday Agreement will, he said, "require flexible and imaginative solutions".
While Scottish and Irish nationalism can hurt the UK as part of Brexit negotiations, it is a two edged sword considering there are independence movements in several EU countries. If the EU and Britain elevate nationalism to the top of their priorities and social mood declines, the political situation in Europe will become extremely volatile. The breakup of the EU along with several nations could be in the cards, complete with rising military tensions if it gets out of hand.

This string of headlines will look much worse in a time of negative mood:

Guardian: Royal Navy fires flares at Spanish vessel in British waters off Gibraltar

Express UK: 'HANDS OFF' Gibraltar will NOT be 'bargained away' in Brexit talks, Johnson warns Spain
DailyMail: 'It's jaw-jaw, not war-war': Theresa May tries to defuse Gibraltar row after Spain causes fury by taunting the UK for PANICKING about the Rock being used as Brexit bargaining chip

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