Social Mood in China: Maotai Edition

SCMP: Targeted in crackdown, Moutai liquor is once again the toast of the town
The company’s flagship product, Feitian, with 53 per cent alcohol, is in short supply across the country as retailers, wholesalers and even consumers start to hoard bottled Baijiu as an inflation-proof investment - along with gold bars, property and stocks, according to a few dealers.

“Basically there are only buyers and no sellers [of Feitian],” said one dealer in Guangzhou, who had been trading liquor for a few years. In recent months, people have started hoarding the product with the expectation that demand for Moutai will expand again in coming years - when Xi has consolidated his power and the movement to tame public spending on lavish dinners has eased, said the dealer, who declined to be named.

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