Car Sharing Comes to China

This article talks about it in the context of shared parking spaces as well, recommending home buyers not pay a lot of money for a space.

iFeng: 别买停车位!又一场巨变已经来临
2016-2017, sharing rapid economic rise, the rapid expansion of coverage. Today, shared bicycles, sharing an umbrella, share charge treasure, sharing basketball and other shared economic settled, greatly convenient in our daily lives.

Car sharing refers to a person or persons using the car, while driving a vehicle only has the right to use and share the car can be booked directly through the telephone or mobile phone APP, very convenient.

Recently, there has been a large number of shared luxury car near the Beijing CBD.

This is a car-sharing company's new models, the company said: "This year there will be 2000-3000 Audi market use."

Focus: What are the charges?

Users need to pay 1,000 yuan deposit fee when the length of the vehicle, the first 30 minutes $ 15, after more than 30 minutes 0.5 yuan / minute.

For example: If you drive 50 minutes, the fees charged is 15 + 0.5x20 = 25 yuan, much lower than the cost of an ordinary taxi.

Car-sharing appears to change the way we travel, which for traditional car rental industry, and even drops a taxi company, will form a very, very big impact! Car sharing have come to share parking spaces still far away?

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