Developers Say Silver Age Over, Copper Age of Real Estate Begins

Caijing: 地产商们的展望:中国楼市进“铜铁”时代 大象起舞
With the full depth of the lever, there are real estate developers even think that the real estate industry, "gold" and "silver" era have passed, and into the "copper and iron" era.

When the real estate dividend period gradually subsided, "copper and iron era" showing a new industry characteristics: real estate for more than ten years of play and logic is broken, purchase, limit and so become normal; real estate business development business survival space Difficult, profit margins have been repeatedly squeezed; market concentration continued to strengthen, elephants dance, mergers and acquisitions frequently. In addition to the traditional development of business, to seek innovative breakthrough, as many small and medium-sized developers forced to choose.

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