First Mortgage Yields Rising, Home Prices Will Tumble in Q1 2018

iFeng: 逾20城首套房贷利率上浮 放款时间普遍延长(名单)
The 21st century economic report survey shows that the current hot city mortgage is not only the lend time is generally extended, the mortgage interest rate, especially the first set of mortgage interest rates are also significantly floating, many cities not only cancel the mortgage interest rate concessions, but also in the benchmark interest rate of 4.9% has risen.

Behind changes in mortgage rates, the property market regulation and monetary and credit policies together results.

...According to the reporter incomplete statistics, in July the first mortgage interest rates above benchmark phenomenon of the city a total of 20, including four first-tier cities and some second-tier cities, such as Hefei, Xiamen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Suzhou and so on. Wuhu, Lianyungang, Huizhou, Zhongshan and other third-tier cities also have the first set of mortgage interest rates on the basis of the base to enhance the 5% -10% range.

...jing Normal University, director of the Center for Financial Research Zhong Wei judge, when the M2 increase of less than 10%, usually 2-3 quarters later, that is, around the time of Spring Festival new house prices will have a significant decline.

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