Invest in Nuclear or Short California Real Estate

The Sacramento Bee: California lawmaker wants to ban gas car sales after 2040
Ting is among the policymakers pushing to increase incentives for drivers to ditch their gas guzzlers. He is also working on legislation that would overhaul California’s electric car rebate program by making more money available for rebates, then ratcheting down the value of those discounts as the state hits sales targets.

“California is used to being first. But we’re trying to catch up to this,” Ting said.

France and the United Kingdom both announced this summer that they would ban the sale of new gas and diesel cars after 2040. India is aiming to get there by 2030. And China said this month that it would stop the production and sale of vehicles powered solely by fossil fuels in the coming years.
I'm not up-to-date on the UK, but India plans to increase nuclear power 9x by 2032 and to generate 25 percent of electricity with nuclear. France gets nearly 80 percent of its electricity from nuclear reactors. China is building them like crazy. In other words, these countries have already built or have started work on the infrastructure needed for electric cars.

Clownifornia, not so much. If they push forward with electrification, they'll have a significant power deficit. Either the state will have sky-high electricity prices, killing the economy and spreading poverty across the state, or they'll pay through the nose to build nuclear as they try to make up for decades of poor planning.

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