Deflation, Political Pressure Hits Qatar

ZH: One Of The World's Biggest Sovereign Wealth Funds Is About To Become A Seller
Now, after a period of relative stability for sovereign wealth funds, in which the indiscriminate SWF/China selling of 2015 faded into a distant memory, one of the world’s biggest buyers of trophy assets is about to become a seller again. According to Bloomberg, following the ongoing isolation by its powerful Arab neighbors, Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund is reversing a decade-long run in high-profile foreign investments to buttress its own economy.

The Qatar Investment Authority, or QIA, which has already reduced its holdings in Credit Suisse, Rosneft and Tiffany in recent months, is considering unleashing what could be a liquidation tsunami in this illiquid market, selling more of its $320 billion of assets, which includes stakes in Glencore and Barclays, and using the proceeds to bolster the domestic economy, according to Bloomberg sources.

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