Housing Boom Over, CCTV Congratulates Those Who Didn't Buy

Chinese media is calling the top in the housing market. Prices in Shanghai and Shenzhen have retreated to levels seen 12 months earlier. Shanghai had 13,000 realtors at the start of the year. Today there are about 10,000 as losses mount.
Caijing: 上海深圳房价涨幅跌回一年前 中介部分门店受煎熬关张

Third- and fourth-tier markets are cooling rapidly too. Although developers are still buying land like crazy:
iFeng: 三四线熄火整体成交乏力 房企拿地乐观
In October, the real estate market in the Golden Week fael into the "freezing point", pre-transaction-hot four-tier cities also "put out the fire," the entire month or turnover continued to fall. Under the stringent control policies, a number of housing prices have begun shipping the red end of the promotion the performance, part of the regional market in the price. However, developer land buying mood hasn't fallen all year, a number of developers spent a record high amount.

CCTV says the market has completely changed, congratulates people who didn't buy a home as cities begin rental housing push.
iFeng: 央视:楼市彻底变天 没买房的恭喜了
Hire purchase is the future direction of both the real estate market, rural collective land into the market is also further accelerate the pace. Like Beijing, Shanghai and other 13 cities have been identified as pilot rental housing use collective construction land.

iFeng: 因城施策成效显著 业内:楼市“金九银十”惨淡
Although the end of October has not yet ended, but overall, the high-profile property market in recent years, "gold nine silver ten", this year, serious lack of fineness. From the national perspective, E-House Real Estate Research Institute released the "October transaction forecast" shows that the first half of October, first-line, second-line, three lines of 50 typical cities of new commercial housing transaction area fell by 13%, 11% 3%, respectively, year on year decline of 63%, 37% and 33%. Yi Ju Real Estate Research Institute that, although only the first half of the transaction data, but is expected in the current severe regulation of the property market under the high pressure, the market transactions in October will not be significantly improved.

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