Turkish Lira Tumbles After Diplomatic Spat with USA

ZH: Turkish Lira Crashes 4%, Biggest Drop Since "Failed Coup" Following Visa Suspension Drama
With tensions between Turkey and the US escalating dramatically and unexpectedly in the past few days, when first Turkish police on Wednesday arrested a local employee of the US embassy in Istanbul and charged him with espionage and an attempt to overthrow the government, which was following on Sunday afternoon by the US embassy in Turkey announcing that "effective immediately" it has
"suspended all non-immigrant visa services at all U.S. diplomatic facilities in Turkey"...
I have written about Turkey several times in the past couple of years.

Some posts include:

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I predicted conflict with the United States and Europe, and that is what has unfolded. Before this spat with the U.S., Germany pulled out of Turkey in June.

NYTimes: Germany to Withdraw Forces From Incirlik Base in Turkey

Back in March, it was a diplomatic spat over domestic European politics.

CNN: Tensions rising between Turkish, European leaders before elections

Turkey is on a path to leaving NATO and being shut out of Europe. The H&S pattern is about to breakdown.

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