China Real Estate Mood Still Positive

At least in Nanjing, and when homes are offered at a 10,000 yuan/sqm discount.

Caijing: 南京1.46万人抢3177套限价房 有人斥资千万摇号
Cool the property market in the country is becoming the occasion, early winter Nanjing contrarian hot. Last week, more than 14,600 buyers who braved the cold, holding a picture of a few million dollars of bank promissory notes or certificates of deposit, real estate competition for 10 sets of 3177 Nanjing Hexi area housing prices.

After calculation, the total purchase verification of more than 37.8 billion yuan. Including one home buyers, even in five real estate registration number seven, into a number of banks to prepare for inspection at least 12.6 million yuan of funds.

It is understood that the hot property market in Nanjing, mainly due to price, resulting in the presence of about 10,000 yuan price difference between new and existing homes, which attracted a large number of buyers.

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