Chinese Always Find the Loophole

Chinese have thousands of years of experience with bureaucracy and like most cultures in the world, do not have the concept of common law. As long as you check the boxes, fill out the forms correctly and the behavior isn't explicitly banned, you can do it. (Such as flying your relative with cancer in for a visit. Since they're in the USA with no insurance, they get free cancer treatment.)

WSJ: The Island Where Chinese Mothers Deliver American Babies
But for a certain class of Chinese parents, Saipan has become known as the latest hot spot for birth tourism, a place where women can give birth to babies who will automatically acquire U.S. citizenship.
The collapse of Western institutions is easy to predict when there is mass immigration of foreigners who exploit the openness of Western systems. The growing authoritarianism in the West is partially driven by social mood, partially driven by the need to maintain law and order among a diverse population. Even immigrants who are clearly net positive, such as Chinese, will cause major problems if they come in large numbers and reverse-assimilate the native culture or the government is forced to become more authoritarian in response.

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