Alert: China "Hot City" Loosens Price Controls on Real Estate

This is huge if it spreads. Not sure how to interpret it, but the hot take is this might signal China will intensify deleveraging efforts.

iFeng: 突发!热点城市新房限价正式松动
Hefei Municipal Price Bureau and the Bureau of Land and Resources, said: real estate developers should set its own prices, and the land transferred before November 2016 prices not restricted! This is about the limit of Hefei official 2nd sound, so a lot of the position to break the yoke of the king, Hefei prices will rise to a new level!

Lenovo Nanjing, since the limit, the district has been strictly enforced, but recently there are many signs of loosening, after the opening of Mountain View Yue, China Resources and other international community compared with the previous price, have varying degrees of price increases. The Home @ Jun Meng far too exclusive predict, 2018, Nanjing price may also be relaxed!

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