Beijing Real Estate Sales Hit 3-Year Low in January

Caijing: 北京1月楼市成交75亿创三年新低 本轮低迷周期低点
According to the Central Plains Real Estate Research Center statistics show that as of January 28, Beijing's new commercial housing (excluding social security room) signed a total of 1030 sets of contracts, is expected to sell the entire set of 1200 units, while the same period last year was 2,430 units, down 50% the above.

What deserves our attention is that compared with the turnover of 15 billion yuan in January 2017, the turnover in January this year is currently only 7.5 billion yuan, down by about 50% over the same period last year. At the same time, this amount is the lows of the real estate downturn and the lowest value in the recent three years.

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